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This was probably the most doodle fun so far – because I imagined the future…..

Window of the future

Window of the future

I looked at myself through the window sometime in the future.   Realistically,  my hair might be gray by this time….but no one will ever know thanks to my Aunt L’Oreal.

And I wish this moment for all of you too!

(Oh- just a side note:  I left yesterday’s doodle of my grandson’s hands taped to the wall.  It fell down – and all that now remains is part of the right arm and wrist….the bunny ate it (Click there and you’ll see why I should know better–scroll all the way to the bottom).  Glad I took a picture.)

This is all part of  Alison Hertz‘ (author of FLAP!) challenge to Doodle every Day in May.  Alison has created a FACEBOOK GROUP called DOODLE DAY MAY so join the challenge and the group.  It’s for ALL ages and ALL abilities.  You can even still join in the fun.

And….Don’t forget to stop by Susanna Hill’s blog to vote on your favorite jingle promoting her e-book.  Lots of prizes for the winners.  You can check it out here.  Voting  ends Thursday, May 16th at noon EST.

Thanks for stopping by and blessings on your creativity!

Laura (Grandmamiller)

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Critters (Monet & Sully)

Critters (Monet & Sully)

Critters Playing & Ignoring

Critters Playing & Ignoring

Double the fun today!   Doodle Day May courtesy of Alison Hertz  is still going on….yesterday’s doodle prompt was critters.  Since our house is crawling with them (the good kind, not the creepy kind), I picked our cat and rabbit to doodle.  They play every evening together.  The bunny whose name is Sully, chases the cat down the hall.  The cat, Monet, will then stop, turn around and chase the rabbit.  Then she’ll bat Sully on the head, sometimes hug him and then it usually ends with the cat sitting on the rabbit’s head.  It all takes place in about 2 minutes time while the dog, a choc. lab watches.  She wants to get involved, but she’s afraid the cat will sit on her head.

Now on to the double part of the fun,  my pick for Perfect Picture Book Friday, another book about a bigger critter:

Title: Farley Follows His NoseFarley Follows His Nose

Author:   Lynn Johnston & Beth Cruikshank

Illustrator:   Lynn Johnston

Publisher: Bowen Press, 2009

Genre: Fiction

Audience Age: 2-8

Themes/Topics: Dogs, Senses

Opening Sentences:  “It was a beautiful summer morning, and Farley’s bath was over at last.  Farley shook himself and drew in a deepbreath.  Baths always made Farley hungry, but in the breeze he smelled [and this is the way the book presents them] rosesfreshcutgrasssweatypeoplethecatnextdoor and….HOT DOGS!”

Synopsis: Farley, the dog, from that wonderful comic strip, “For Better or Worse,” follows his nose from one good smell to another all over town.  Along the way he finds a little lost boy and helps to return him home by using his sense of smell.

Why I like it:  When I found this at the library, I squeaked with delight.  Farley is an old friend of the family.  As our girls were growing up we would read the comic strip ‘For Better or Worse’ to them.  When I found this on the shelf I knew I would love it – and I did.  And when my now grown daughters saw the book they both squealed too.   In the book Farley turns out to be an accidental hero. Fresh from a bath and without his collar he takes off when he smells hot dogs.  Farley goes from one smell to the next becoming an unacclaimed hero while he’s at it.  In an interesting and humorous way the story teaches about a dog’s  amazing sense of smell.     The illustrations are wonderful – I love the one of Farley jumping in a kiddy pool, then shaking off.  When I read this to my grands they loved it.    As a matter of fact, before our reading session ended, the 4 year old pulled it from the stack and wanted it re-read. Reading advice:  make sure when you read you do lots of sniffing, snuffling and snorfing sound effects.  (If you’re reading to children that is – otherwise you’ll just look silly.)

Activities/Resources:  I wanted to note that ‘Farley’ has his own foundation in Canada.  http://www.farleyfoundation.org/ assists people in need by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for their sick/injured pets.

Teachers and Moms can also discuss animals’ very important sense of smell.  There is a lesson plan here about using your sense of smell.  Another set of lesson plans, and a recipe to  make chocolate scented play dough. (Are you listening, Susanna?)

Availability: From the Author,  Library, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.  (I couldn’t determine for certain, but it may be out of print.  However there were multiple copies available in new and used condition at these two sellers.)

(Susanna Leonard Hill is the originator of PPBF and you can find all the other PPB recommendations and links  on her blog.)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the book!

Laura (Grandmamiller)

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If I had a Dragon by Laura Anne Miller 2012

This is a guy that’s been rattling around in my head for years.  (Phew!! Glad he’s outta there – should have more room on the main frame now.)  Needs some tweaking.   I started by drawing all the scales….Te-di-ous!! So I erased and just went w/a few.  (I so admire those who will do all those beautiful details…but for just a sketch – this is what you get from me.)

My little girl underwent several hairstyles. She was ablond at first.  Tryed a simple bob (we used to call them page boys – but I wouldn’t want to date myself), then I went with semi-curly, then I tried black hair with a little flip – couldn’t decide if she looked like Jackie Kennedy or Laura Petrie.  Finally went with the braid.

I envision full color in purple, yellow, and green – the dragon not the girl.

OH – and for those of you who follow my bunny tales…look at the lower right corner.  I had it tacked to the wall to take a pic – the phone rang – it apparently fell down and when I came back ….RRR RABBIT!

This is November so Remember to check out SkADaMo at Linda Silvestri’s site.

PiBoIdMo at www.taralazar.com

and Picture Book Idea Month.

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SkADaMo Day 8: Prof. Ziggy by Laura Anne Miller 2012

My little bunny above was our first pet house rabbit (well-minus the glasses…he just looked scholarly sitting on the books so I added the glasses) I was looking through my ‘Inspiration Folder’ and pictures we had of him inspired not one, but three ideas for books.  YAY!

This has been a productive week for me.  I’ve actually posted 3 times (a record), kept up with Picture Book  Month reading and  PiBoIdMo, joined up with SkADaMo,  and now I am TiReD.  That said, I now have to edit my husband’s doctoral paper (that’s my FuNFrIdAy 🙂 ).

Lovely Susanna Hill is host of  Perfect Picture Book Friday where participants review a favorite picture book.  My recommendation this week is a humorous little story of misinterpretation:

Title:  Mother, Mother, I Want Another


Author:   Maria Polushkin Robbins

Illustrator:   John Goodell

Publisher:  Dragonfly Books: 1978, 2007

Genre: Fiction

Audience Age: 3 & Up

Themes/Topics: Bedtime, Family, Humor,

Opening Sentences: It was bedtime in the mouse house.  Mrs. Mouse took baby mouse to his room…But as she was leaving, baby mouse started to cry.  “Why are you crying?” asked Mrs. Mouse.  “I want another Mother.”

Synopsis:  A lovely bedtime routine begins –  until baby mouse asks for another mother!   Mother is aghast, stricken, but diligently begins to search for another mother for her baby.  She brings in a mother duck, a mother frog, a mother pig and even a mother donkey.  They each in turn sing a lullaby only to have baby mouse say, “I want another mother.” This is a delightful comedy of errors that resolves to a surprise and satisfying ending.

Why I like it:  This is an older book that was re-released and newly illustrated.  The art by Jon Goodell is what originally caught my eye.  When I read the delightful story I had to buy it and add it to my “grandma collection.”  The scenes in the mouse house are warm and cozy, and the other mother

Mother Mouse by Jon Goodell

animals are darling as well. I felt so sorry for Mrs. Mouse when she hears the dreaded words, “I want another Mother,” that I rushed to the end to find out what happens.  My grandgirls (2 & 4) actually get the joke on mother mouse and ask for the story over and over.   When it turned up missing in the house for a while, they kept asking about it.  It is definitely a favorite.  They even like to do an impression of Mrs. Mouse based on this drawing.

Activities/Resources:  Our family loves to act out this story.  We narrate while the grandkids act out the different animals, their voices and lullabies.  I think this could even be made into a play.    Also Dragonfly/Random House has a PDF w/ classroom activity suggestions.

Availability:  Hardbound & Paperback

Have fun reading & blessings on your creativity!

Laura (grandmamiller)

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The Bunny ate my homework
by Laura Anne Miller

We’ve had a bunny in our house for almost 13 years now.  First Ziggy  who lived to 11 and now Sully who is 2.  These rascals have chewed through cords, shoes, books, toys and  more.

My choice today for PPBF  is also about a rabbit.   It’s a re-released old picture book (er..make that middle aged picture book as it’s just a few years older than me).  It’s one from my personal collection and a favorite of my grandgirls.  It’s also one I  keep up on a high shelf  as my copy of the book  had the binding chewed by our first bunny. (Note the upper left corner in the picture below-click to enlarge.) Be sure to scroll to the end to see some  actual pictures of our current  rabbit and cat.

Title: Marshmallow

Author:   Clare Turlay Newberry

Illustrator:   Clare Turlay Newberry

Publisher: Harper Collins 2008

Genre: Picture Book (based on a true story)

Audience Age: 4 & up (altho’ my 2 yr old granddaughter loves it)

Themes/Topics: Animals, Rabbits, Cats, Tolerance, Friendship, and (loosely)  Adoption

Opening Sentences: “Oliver was a gray cat with tabby markings who lived in an apartment.  Many a cat has to catch his dinner before he can eat it, but Oliver was lucky. ” [To truly represent the story I must also include the lines…] “A bunny’s a delightful habit, No home’s complete without a rabbit.”

Synopsis:  A  tabby cat content with his life and routine has his home turned upside down with the arrival of a baby bunny who thinks the cat could be his mother.  The story unites two differing animals into one  family. The author also includes poems about the bunny’s  delightful and sometimes annoying habits  from hopping and  scampering, to leaping and chewing.  “A bunny nibbles all day long, A bunny doesn’t think it’s wrong….He nibbles curtains, lamp-cords, shoes, He only stops to take a snooze….”   There is mild tension when Oliver and Marshmallow are accidentally left alone together. While Oliver is considering springing upon the bunny, Marshmallow senses a potential mother. . . and you need to read the book to find out what happens.  The charcoal illustrations  are beautifully  drawn and each one is true to life.

Why I like it:  My daughter and family gave me this book on my first Grandparent’s Day.  At the time we owned an 11 year old white bunny,  a cat, and a chocolate lab all of whom co-habitated peacefully.  Of course I fell in love with the book, just by its cover.  I always take delight in drawings of  baby animals, and nothing is much cuter than a baby bunny.  Clare Newberry actually owned the cat and rabbit of this story and drew them from real life.  Oliver’s discontent with the intrusion of this strange, white thing in his house is just the beginning of the bunny tail [oops-I meant to type that].  Marshmallow is lonely for his mother, and  Oliver mopes while he is confined and not the center of attention, feelings to which  children can relate.  The story is delightful as are the illustrations.  It is easy to see why this has been a favorite for over 65 years.     My granddaughters give it 2  bunny ears up. [ I must confess this review may be biased  since we have owned two house rabbits, one of which just went zooming by my feet as I write and has now stretched up to me for a head scratch. ]

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book

Activities/Resources:  I found a “story book art lesson plan” at http://www.brightring.com/marshmallow.html       There are some rabbit games and craft ideas at http://voices.yahoo.com/rabbit-lesson-plans-children-3933428.html

Availability: Available in hard and softcover.

Perfect Picture Book Fridays is hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill.  Check out the entire categorized/abc list at the link  and her blog every Friday for new recommendations.

And if you would like a humorous devotion about rabbits click here.

Bunny’s favorite chew toy
by Laura Anne Miller

I can’t close this PPBF without also showing you two  pictures of our cat & current rabbit – scroll down.

Enjoy the book (copies on Amazon of Marshmallow start at just $2.99) and blessings on your day!

Monet & Sully. I was trying to play w/Monet and Sully got jealous

Sully editing my latest manuscript.

Laura (grandmamiller)
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