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As a newly dedicated full time writer/illustrator there is so much I  need to do and so much I want to do there are days I feel so overwhelmed I want to pull inside a turtle’s shell.

I’m taking an art course, so there is reading and homefun.  I want to build my blogs, set up an etsy shop, I’m writing some children’s books (about 5 WIPs), I also teach classes for my church, I want to follow other CB writer/illustrator blogs, do research for my books, play w/ my grandchildren, help out my 9 mo+ pregnant daughter, visit my folks (my mom is housebound), edit my hubby’s doctoral thesis and YIKES….here I go into my shell.

My oldest daughter amazes me at all she accomplishes.  She has her own blog (lessonsfromivy.com), administrates another blog, teaches music one day a week AND she has three children ranging in age from 3 mo. to 3 1/2 yr.  And she has e-pubbed one book, has another almost ready, and is co-writing another w/her husband.

Then it dawned on me – instead of reacting like a turtle, I just need to perform like a turtle.  I don’t think that turtles go out in the morning and say, ‘I’m going to run 5 miles today, ‘  get out the sweats, the MP3, the running shoes and zip along (altho’ the picture makes me smile).  Rather, they slowly and methodically get through the day by managing small goals.

So I’ve started putting only one or two things on my desk each morning. Well, actually I just began yesterday – but so far it’s worked! 🙂   If you have any tips or ideas for organizing a busy work day – I’d love to hear from you. (Especially about managing the blogging and following of same.) I’ll be sure to give you a turtle update!

By the way, I did the turtle picture above for my youngest daughter’s baby shower invitation.  She loves turtles.

Oh- also, I finally figured out how to do a blogroll and would love to include your blog, especially if you’d like to reciprocate.  Let me know!

Blessings, Laura

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