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[ADDENDUM:…an apology… I thought I had checked to make sure this book wasn’t already on the list….and now I see that it has already been recommended last year…. my apologies….blame it on bad eyes and a thick head.  I’ll leave it up today as a personal pick anyway and you can check out Nessa Morris’ review of the book here.  Mea culpa, Susanna.]

My PPB pick today has been a personal favorite of mine this last year.  I had the privilege to view a video interview of the artist, Patrice Barton, via Mark Mitchel’s How To Be A Children’s Book Illustrator class.  I fell in love with her art and technique and Patrice,  and have corresponded with her a couple times.  There is part of the interview on the author,  Shutta Crum’s website listed below.  I’m sure you will enjoy this book.

(Susanna Leonard Hill is the originator of PPBF and you can find all the other PPB recommendations and links  on her blog.)

Cover image for MINE!

 Title:   MINE!

Author:   Shutta Crum

Illustrator:    Patrice Barton

Publisher: Alfred A Knopf

Genre: Picture Book

Audience Age:  2 & up

Themes/Topics: Sharing

Opening Sentences: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!   (you get the idea)

Synopsis:  A story about two very young children (a toddler and a crawling baby) and one adorable dog who don’t want to share a pile of toys.  It’s a delightful playdate as the children and dog claim ownership over every toy and then some.

Why I like it:   When reading this story together it elicited giggles, gasps, awwwws and even ‘oh nos!’, and that was just from me.   My granddaughters love this book, one of the reasons being that they can read it. Mine! only has a vocabulary of two words in the whole book, yet speaks volumes.   The toddler tries to gather all the toys before the crawler can get to any of them.   Then the dog even gets into the action rounding up the toys and staking his claim with a, “Woof!”  The baby is tickled by the antics of the puppy shaking a wet toy, which is my favorite scene in the book and one of the cutest and beautifully rendered baby illustrations I’ve ever seen.   The baby has a final trick up her sleeve tho’ when she claims the final thing as MINE! – but I don’t want to spoil the ending for you.  I first had this book on my e-reader and have read it over and over to the grand girls.  But when I brought the actual book home from the library the 4-year-0ld hugged herself, squealed and said, ‘O Grandma, you got the real Mine! 

For an author to craft a story around a single word is a credit to Ms. Crum’s storytelling ability.  Of course with just two words the strong supporting cast is the art itself, beautifully hand drawn and colored in digital pastels by Patrice Barton.  Ms Barton won the 2012 SCBWI Crystal Kite award for her illustrations in this book.  You can go to her website  to see more beautiful art from the book and a trailer as well.

Awards:       Society of Illustrators Original Art Exhibit 2011                                         – School Library Journal Best Books of 2011
– NYPL’s list of 100 Titles for Reading & Sharing, 2011
– Texas 2×2 Reading List
– 2012 Crystal Kite Award, SCBWI

Activities/Resources:  An article about teaching preschoolers to share with several links is here.

Games for preschoolers that teach sharing are here, just scroll about 1/2 way down.

Availability:  The Board Book was just released last year.  Readily available at all book stores.    Amazon    Barnes & Noble

Make Mine! yours – you’ll be glad you did.

Blessings and enjoy the book.

Laura (Grandmamiller)

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