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Are you still snowed in or trying to survive a rainy day…or maybe need a break until inspiration strikes?  100_9262

I had so much fun today with my grandkids making this  little 8 panel book.  They wanted to read (AGAIN) the book, Dog Loves Drawing, by Louise Yates, which I reviewed last Friday.    After we finished reading it, we made our own little books and illustrated them with colored pencils.  You can make one too, by following the easy directions below.   This is something my daughters learned in elementary school and sometimes made one of these to go along with reports.  You could even  make a bunch of these blank books ahead of time before a trip and draw or write about what you see while traveling.

This is a fun, simple project even for non-crafty types.  Like Dog, we drew a door first and then stick people.  My grandgirls told me what I had to draw and write and then they drew in their own books.      We may never win a Newberry or the Caldecott, but we had fun.  Here’s  pictures of our book (you can see they like Tinker Bell).

The Directions follow our pictures:






Directions for MINI BOOK:


  • 8 1/2 x   11″ sheet of paper (white works best for drawing)
  •  Scissors
  • Colored pencils, crayons, stickers or anything to decorate the book.
  • Optional:  glue stick or 2 sided tape

1.  Fold a sheet of computer paper in half (hamburger fold)

2.  Open paper back up

3.  Now fold in half length-wise (hot dog fold)


4.  Now bring both ends to the middle fold line and crease.  (This is a double thickness you are folding now.)


5.  Open paper back up.  You should have fold lines that divide paper into 8 equal rectangles.


6.   Fold paper back to the original hamburger fold.


7.  This is the important Fold and CUT.  (I like to tell my students this is the SECRET to making the book.)

Put the folded edge facing your belly button.

START at  folded edge-cut on the center fold line(B) to the first fold line (A) and STOP.

Do NOT cut all the way to the edge.   Cut where the red dotted line shows.


Unfold your paper and it will now look like this—with a hole in the middle.


8.  Now fold the paper back into the hot dog fold with the folded edge at the top.

Spread the cut out opening  toward you with your fingers. (Paper is still in the hot dog fold.  The folded edge is on top.)


9.  Push the two opposite ends toward the middle until the inside fold lines   (A & B) touch. This makes the inside panels pop out (see next pic).


You book will now look something like this.


10.  Bring side B toward you to close the book and say ‘Tah-dah!”

Crease the spine to help lay flat. 

11.  Optional:  You can use two sided tape or glue to  close the open edges.

12.   Write & illustrate your book with colored pencils, crayons, or stickers.  (markers not recommended as they will bleed through).  This is fun to use if you are doing a school report.  You can write down facts, draw maps or trivia.


If you have any questions on the directions let me know in the comments.

Blessings on your creativity!

Laura (Grandmamiller)

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