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boo boo kiss no script

A week or so ago hubby wasn’t feeling up to par and he went to bed early.  When I went to bed later I did not turn on a light so as not to wake hubby.  Big. Mistake.

Earlier that day I’d been folding clothes and putting them away – but failed to close a dresser drawer. You guessed it.  I ran into it in the dark…twice….!  Yeah…it’s complicated.   (But I didn’t wake up hubby, but I scared the dog.)

Anyway I wound up with a technicolor shin bone and two big scrapes.  Fast forward a couple days to Sunday.  Grandkids were here.  My oldest grandson (22 mo) had a sore finger which he showed me. I promptly kissed it for him.   Then I showed him my shin bone.  He looked at me with his big blue eyes then leaned over and kissed my sore leg.

It touched my heart so deeply.   He recognized a hurt and quickly did what he thought would help.    

There’s a friend of mine with a little boy having brain surgery-again- in either October or November.  I believe this is the 4th  surgery for a severe epilepsy.    Their  expenses to stay near the hospital, commuting and meals are enormous.   There is a fundraising site set up for them.  If you could help by donating or spreading the word it would greatly bless them and help alleviate one part of their worries.  The links to the site are below Renn’s pic:

Donations:  Renn’s Medical Bills and Family Lodging

Renn’s Story:  www.thebrainofajedi.blogspot.com

Your caring and compassion will be a blessing.

Thank you, Laura (grandmamiller)


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